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Monday, March 28, 2011

Two nights in Paris

Not even 3 hrs of driving (I used that time for some little power napping) with the same result: I hardly understand what people are talking about. Thus, in that case, the dutch and the french language are very similiar. Yeah well, it seems to be that the dutch language is related to almost every language in the world... Let's switch the topic. Together with my friend Hagen I hopped on the high speed train Thalys (pretty luxury, but indeed uncomfortable in a certain way) to go to Paris for a couple of days. Some first pictures were taken on Friday night, during the last dry minutes on that given weekend. Additionally, we didn't find our booked hotel easily, it was kinda hidden, and soon, the next suprise was waiting for us ...

A Belgium day trip once again

It was planned to go to Belgium, somewhere and somehow, but a short glimpse outta the window made us struggle with the decision. The weather forecast didn't promise any changing. Doesn't matter, we had to leave to do at least something, crossed the border and reached Gent after a little while. Fully equipped with rain coats (more or less) and umbrellas, we started to explore the city, and hopping from one cafe to the next restaurant, just in order not to drown. No, to be serious, it wasn't that bad, and the city's beauty is simply stunning with all its churches, cathedrals, ruins, castles and tiny side streets, packed with heaps of pubs and bars. It was worth it, even in the rain.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Seeing as much as possible

What do you do when you have your parents visiting you? Right, a Holland crash course with all its traditional and cultural beauties. Here some summarizing pictures:

Pirate ship in the old port of Rotterdam.

Ceiling view inside the Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam.

Kaas winkel in Amsterdam.

Beach and dunes of Goeree, near Ouddorp.

Architecture in Gouda.