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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ligament Rupture

By the way, I know that basketball is not the perfect sport for me. Plenty of doctors have told me that, again and again. But I cannot stop playing it. And in appreciation of this I am suffering from ligament rupture. My third time now, second time the right ankle. No sport for 6 weeks ... Damn it!!!

Happy Easter!

Some days to relax were really needed after stressful weeks at work. So I found my way south - destination: Berchtesgaden. (That's already the third time in the Alps this year - kinda awesome!) The hotel we found to crash down was not too bad. A plentiful breakfast and dinner buffet was waiting every morning and evening. Nice little day excursions ended up in completely tiredness after relaxing 15 minutes in a vulcano-hot sauna and massage afterwards. That's what I call a good one...

Lookout - Berchtesgaden surrounded by snowy mountains

Way up to the Lockstein Cafe Lookout

St. Bartholomä, Königssee

Green through grey rocks

RIP little bird

Time to say good bye after 14 years. Could have been some more ... :(