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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some lessons learned

Helsinki harbour sea side front

Another visitor here in Helsinki - another tour through the city. And even more on Saturday. Lessons learned: A drivers license cannot be used as ID to leave one EU-country and go to the next one. The scheduled 10 o'clock ferry was leaving without us, I had do go home to pick up a proper ID and then, finally, we were allowed to enter the ferry to Tallinn, Estonia.

Tallinn historical city centre

Fishing was not successful, once again. The tackle was hooked in some water lilies, I pulled heavily, got it loose and it was flying towards me with extreme speed - result: see the picture. The hook attached itself pretty good, I was not able to pull it out. Neither was the doctor at the hospital after 2 1/2 hours waiting. Only one possibility left: Stick it through the skin once again, cut off the main part and pull out the rest of it. That worked well, finally. The end of the story: Finnish fish seems to be pretty clever!!!

Fishing hook catching something big

Sunday, July 07, 2013

On a sunny weekend in Helsinki

Great look around at the Waltic Boat Center, East Helsinki

An excellent Sunday is going to be over. Sun was burning as hell, thus I spent the whole at the beach getting a bit more taint. I haven't expected it to be happening but yes, even possible in Finland. And on the way back, I found a little present on the street, just waiting to be picked up... :) So I did!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Another tour from west to east

         Größere Kartenansicht

Another weekend, another tour - this time: Turku - Helsinki, 2 days. I took the train on Saturday noon and arrived in Turku just two hours later. The tour starts...

Rantolansuntti - time seems to stand still

I was riding along the coastline, passing a few villages and meeting some Finnish people asking for the way. Couldn't help them at all, unfortunately. And I had more than my own problems finding the right streets leading me there where I needed to go. I got to Tammisaari pretty late, after 10 pm, which means: Those two hotels they had were already closed and checking in was no option anymore. Hotel staff??? Didn't see any!!! I made myself at home at a quiet beach outside the village. Goodbye warm and cozy bed, hello air mattress and sleeping bag.

Tammisaari pier at around midnight

After a while I realized I haven't been alone at all. Mosquitos all over the place. The insect repellent kept them on distance. But not some other friends - ants. Daaamn!!! They've been everywhere, even inside the sleeping bag, starting to bite, pee or what ever. That night was horrible ... and short. Back on the bike (6 am!!!) I followed the old kings road via Inkoo and Kirkkonummi and approached Helsinki on time, having a good rest then.

Tammisaari - the historic city centre with its wooden houses