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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crossing of the Alps 2009

There it is - the profile of the this year's crossing of the Alps. This is one of the hardest we've ever done, I reckon. 7 days sitting on a pushbike, struggling with the mountains and the weather, 9 summits, 591,3km and - believe it or not - 13451Hm. That's absolutely crook!!! Hey mates, honestly, you think we're gonna get this (on time)???

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

German & Bavarian Sportabzeichen

I had some extraordinary hard weeks, and it's not gonna be easier within the next. Daniel said we are just going there, taking everything easy and relaxed, drinking some beers and running a bit. Paaah, dream on!!! We were forced to do the German AND the Bavarian Sportabzeichen all together on one day. Holy shit!!! That happens if you do some sports on Sundays and the examiner has to much time.

The first discipline: Long jump. Not that difficult for a basketball star. 4,83m - just enough for silver!

Instead of shot put, we were allowed to hurl some balls with a weight of 1,5kg. 39,40m had been enough to reach the gold width.

Next discipline: 100m-sprint. My first test sprint was around 14,7s!!! That's absolutely non-acceptable. But I'm getting faster - the more I run the better I get. 13,3s last Wednesday! Anyway, just enough to be in the bronze region. Keep on tryin'...

1000m: I can't remeber how fast (or slow) I was once, at school. But I'm proud of my 3:18min ...

3000m: Oh my god, I was so dead after that, and couldn't walk for 2 days. :D 12:34min (what a funny time) is perfect, and I don't have to retry ;)

20km cycling was coming up next. My favourite discipline - and I coped with this brilliantly. I was said I will participate in the Tour de France, but nothing happended. 33:10min!!!

And last but not least: Swimming. 100m in 1:57min (I have to go faster, 12 seconds, to climb up to the gold region) and 200m in 4:26min (That was enough to pass).

Overall result: I proudly present a German Sportabzeichen, and a bronze Bavarian one (but that is gonna upgraded to silver, at least, within the next weeks) ;)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Street Race

I proudly present some short videos of our trip - a bit too late, but that doesn't bother anyone ... :D

And another one: