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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Playing for the Pink Panthers

The coach is explaining the next offensive plays

As I am now playing for the Pink Panthers, a superb jersey is included. Definitely conspicuous, but not distracting the opponents as much as wished. We're still lacking some victories which are becoming more and more important to stay in the league.

Even cheers of Dänjel B. were not helping so much in the last game, unfortunately. A few drinks later the loss was almost forgotten. After the game is before the game :) The next day we were heading to Liesjärvi National Park. The lakes are showing a fish deficit one again. But the fireplaces and elk steaks were just brilliant.

Elk steaks barbecued in the Liesjärvi National Park

Friday, November 08, 2013

Autumn in Finland

Wall graffiti in Helsinki's harbour
One night, I was riding through the city, ending up in a kind of dead end in the harbour. Some drunk idiots were trying to find out how fast their car could go, accelerating every now and then just to break a few hundred metres later. But ok, I've found that nice graffiti art work which must be kept on my camera's SD card.

Nuuksio Nationalpark just half an hour drive away from Helsinki
I've been to Nuuksio Nationalpark, just a stone's throw away from Helsinki, a couple of times, chasing some little creatures called "flying squirrels". It is said one's having quite good chances to see them, and I kept my eyes open, searching the top of the trees, but without any luck. Too scared, those little fellows. But at least the colourful autumn scenes were providing some great photo shots.

Dangling legs on Olhavanvuori in Repovesi Nationalpark
Another highlight: Repovesi Nationalpark, some two hours north east of Helsinki. I've spent the whole day there, walking and hiking a bit. And having some sort of dinner on top of Olhavanvuori. The cliff is dropping ca. 50 metres vertically down to the lake's shore. Nice scene, nice landscape, nice little thing of nature.

View from Olhavanvuori just before sunset, Repovesi Nationalpark