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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Finland's 2nd largest lake at Päijänne National Park

Street bridging the lake Päijänne

Not even a 2 hours drive, straight north from Helsinki, and Torsten and me arrived at the Päijänne National Park which is located right in the middle of Finland's second largest lake. It consists of small islets and bigger islands with steep rocks and, in summer time, sandy bays and beaches. No one was there, just us, which was giving us somehow a strange feeling.

Largely grown ice crystals in temperatures at around -15°C

Only one guy was preparing some ice fishing holes, numerous in a row, which might be used for net fishing as well. We were climbing the viewing tower at around sunset and the dawn was drowning the scenery in spectacular red-coloured tones.

Sunset over lake Päijänne, seen from the viewing tower  on the Päijätsalo island

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hyvää joulua in Helsinki

Christmas market in Helsinki, beneath the White Cathedral
A bit too late, once again, but better than never. I've gathered some Christmas impressions before going home. In Helsinki, there was only one market, located right in front of the White Cathedral. It looked a bit different, was not that crowded, but had kind of interesting things to offer: Typical stuff like wool hats and gloves, all imaginable sorts of regional food (fish such as salmon, meat of elk and reindeer, ...) and smiths getting their job done. But disappointing, I have to mention it, the Glögi (equivalent to the well know Glühwein) was only sold in the nonalcoholic version. They were just not allowed to. What a pity. I suspect that to be the reason for empty Christmas markets in Finland. ;)

Fried little fish, called frittimuikku