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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

7 hour trip to Bremen

Hi there. I was on tour again. This time: a city-exploring-weekend in Bremen, including a visit of my good old classmate Friedel. She made me not to miss one single detail of Bremen city. So every second we had was used completely. And I got a short impression of the northern nightlife, that was a kinda extraordinary, something I haven't seen before in that manner. I really had to take care of the bottle in my hand, not because of the beer, the bottle itself was the interesting thing about it. It could happen that you loose it certainly, just because of the deposit other people want to have ... :D

The world famous river "Weser" is going through Bremen. Perfect for strolling around, if it's not raining, as it does on usual days! :)

The Böttcherstraße, very special in its appearance, built of those red bakestones, one after another.

Bremen Town Hall

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The southern Norway

The Alps were left behind, finally! And from then on, everyone deserved at least a little bit of leisure time to gain ones power back. Let me explain what this means:

We hopped on the night train, leaving Basel at 9:20 pm, and sat down in a convenient seat. The air conditioner was broken, but we didn’t bother. Luckily, it was simply the hottest day of the year. So what, who cares? I do!!! I looked for another seat in an air-conditioned wagon. The good thing: This train was going to Erfurt directly. And 4 hours time must be enough for gathering together all the Norway stuff. I.e. we almost missed the train going to Hamburg. We caught up with another cousin, cruising through Denmark and approaching the ferry on time. From then on, it had been six of us, with 15 x 10 litres of beer and 7 bottles Havana ...

We stranded in Kristiansand late at night and crashed down in a 6 bed dorm in the Radisson SAS Hotel. The rest of the week had been perfect, strolling around a bit and enjoying the Norwegian beauty, fishing the everyday’s dinner in the wide ocean and climbing the world famous Preikestolen that offered one of the most spectacular lookout on earth (at least) with a vertically descent 600 metres down to the Lysefjord. Awesome!!! This is always worth seeing it, as well as the almost unknown Kjerag, the thing I surely will see the next time in Norway. So long ...