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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

HH - Heligoland and Hamburg

Heligoland cliffs and its famous free standing rock column "Lange Anna"

I picked up colleague Patrick from the airport Friday night. A few hours later, Saturday early morning, we were on the way to Büsum (a bit in rush a speeding camera flashed, but obviously hit the driving school in front of us), taking the ferry to Heligoland, a remote German island located approx. 40 km off shore in the North Sea. 3 hours later we walked the round trip with some hundreds grannys lined up in a row one after another. Overtaking? Kind of difficult...

Patrick and I are sitting in those beach chairs on the island "Düne"

We spent the Sunday in Hamburg, strolling around a bit through the “Harbour City” and enjoying Mexican Food, before heading back to the airport.
Graffiti in Hamburg, Landungsbrücken