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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Short trip to Balearic Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca
The well planned MTB tour through the Dolomites was rescheduled for next year due to too less riders! What to do with the days off? Going somewhere else last minute - sun, beach and easy to reach! Antje was taking the flight from Nuremberg, I started in Hamburg just two hours later. Too bad the ordered Alfa Romeo wasn't available. But cruising around Mallorca with an Opel limousine wasn't the worst thing either.

Beach Sankt Elm
We've spent the first day in the capital, Palma, strolling around a bit, enjoying the sun and some tasty snacks every now and then. Cool city indeed. We headed east then, along the coast, stopped at some rugged cliffs and climbed one of those old brittle light houses. Before going to our Finka in Algaida we stopped by Cala Pi for a little swim.

Cliffs at Cala d'Or
The next day awaited us with a little road trip going south west. Starting in Port d'Andratx and some afternoon hours at beach Sankt Elm we finished the day with a sunset sea side view dinner in Estellencs.

Don't know the name of those flowers in Valdemossa
Another day another road trip - heading east this time. Destination. Cala d'Or - it's said it's one of the most beautiful bays on the island. Pretty crowded too, but which bay isn't? Great spot with crystal clear turquoise water was inviting us to stay there a bit longer.

Valdemossa's tiny roads decorated nicely
Valdemossa, the historic mountain village, was a must see too, and on the route going north west. Streets were narrow and structured confusingly, but very clean and rich in details. Flowers, paintings and other stuffies everywhere. We tried a kinda traditional bread as well, fluffy and a bit sweet, but I can't recall the name. With the first rain drops coming down we decided to get ourselves moving.

She's posing in Fornalutx
Fornalutx is the most ancient village (or maybe not, i am not sure, but it's one of the oldest at least) on the island. That's what it is famous for, but looks pretty much the same as others.

Fornalutx road signs
Before racing home back to Algaida, one more stop was necessary (and on the way too) - Torrent de Pareis. Just a 20 minutes walk from the car park - that little stony beach is accessable via a track along the coast (I almost hit my head when passing the tunnel at the end!). The sun was about to go down already when getting there, so people left, but jellyfish came (so called mauve stinger) the later it got, the more appeared. Once hit by their tentacles it really was adventurous getting outta the water.

Torrent de Pareis
Last day, last hours before departing back home: Chillaxing at the beach Cala ses Covetes. White sand dunes and a wavy sea was a perfect finish.

South beach, Cala ses Covetes

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Somewhere in the North Wadden Sea

Cycling paths on the island Pellworm, view from the dike
I've got my parents here visiting me in the north. Plan were made quickly, and we took the ferry to Pellworm on Saturday. Usual procedure: almost missing every ferry - don't know how we're able to do this every time. We cycled along the island's dike, getting a little red taint by using no sunscreen of course...

I am walking in the Wadden Sea
 A funny thingy to do: Walking and slipping around in the Wadden Sea! A bit disgusting to get stuck in there but some say it might be healthy for ... I don't know what for! A must see and do being at the North Sea.

Lighthouse around dawn on the island Amrum
On Sunday, we went to another island - this time: Amrum. Great island, beautiful scenery with a certain relax and chillout factor. So we did, and missed the ferry (the last one leaving the island that day) going back to main land. We got stuck - no way out. Nothing with us, just bikes and the clothes we had on. No hotel or apartment booked. And it turned out everything was fully booked. Some 10 phone calls later, we were forwarded to an elderly family offering us a place to stay for one night! Thanks so much - staying outside at night would have been too much, though! Thus, we've won a second day and a second chance to reach the ferry...

Wide spread dunes on a beach of more than 1,5 km of width