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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bjerregård in Denmark

One week off work started with a pretty long journey to Denmark. By car, train and a rental car from Hamburg, we arrived in Bjerregård right before dawn, where the prepared BBQ already waited for us.

We stayed with friends at their summer cottage, big enough for 6 persons and fully equipped with everything you would need. Self-made dinner and breakfast outside on the terrace in between sand dunes.

Hvide Sande offers some touristy things too and invites to spend some hours at the beach (we made a sporty activity outta it, draw a starting line in the sand and sprinted into the water - which still was too cold to have a swim longer than necessary), get some fresh fish or shrimps with French Fries. Tasty stuff, I‘d call it.

Bjerregård offered nice views too, and cool sunsets behind the dunes. You just have to enjoy quickly, as the breeze is surely chilly.

Last stop, Dangast at the North Sea, right opposite Wilhelmshaven. A small village, attracting more tourists than people living there. We did a Segway Tour, and proudly own an official segway driving license, and long walks across the mudflats. Last thing's healthy stuff, like massage with peelings, just tickles a bit too much sometimes.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Back in Holland and a visit to Rotterdam

Time for traveling to Holland again. Same region where I've been a couple of times before, working at Maasvlakte, at the end of Rotterdam's Europort, and staying over in a hotel in Rockanje, close to the beach. The job itself was busy as usual, not much time left in the evenings and luckily the guys at site order Chinese Food to survive.

On the way back home, I stopped for a few hours in Rotterdam. From the memories I could recall, the city has changed a lot, the complete infrastructure gets more and more modern. The huge market hall offers everything you need, food from all over the world, Fish & Chips, French Fries, fruits or vegetables, Spanish ham and even more. Just the spekkoek I always try to find is not so easy to get anymore ...