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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crossing of the Alps 2009

There it is - the profile of the this year's crossing of the Alps. This is one of the hardest we've ever done, I reckon. 7 days sitting on a pushbike, struggling with the mountains and the weather, 9 summits, 591,3km and - believe it or not - 13451Hm. That's absolutely crook!!! Hey mates, honestly, you think we're gonna get this (on time)???


Yvonne said...

Well, you guys've definitely got my respect!Good luck and take care!

Tobi said...
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Tobi said...

Come on, did I overstrain you guys with the extended track we already had to deal with last year, if we did not break in Sondrio?
Think almost everything is bikeable :D

Btw: some news about Saetteli from the Haslibergs?

Unknown said...

Did I tell you my theory about push bikers?
If you see an asian push biker in Australia, he must be a Japanese, and if he is a caucasian, he must be a German. Because other countries people wouldn't do such that thing. Some people like to torture themselves for some reason..