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Sunday, July 07, 2013

On a sunny weekend in Helsinki

Great look around at the Waltic Boat Center, East Helsinki

An excellent Sunday is going to be over. Sun was burning as hell, thus I spent the whole at the beach getting a bit more taint. I haven't expected it to be happening but yes, even possible in Finland. And on the way back, I found a little present on the street, just waiting to be picked up... :) So I did!


Rinkes said...

das darf doch wohl nicht wahr sein... egal wo du bist, ständig findest du irgendwelche sachen... diesmal also flip-flops!
Glückwunsch Mehlsack ;)

Andi said...

War ja klar, dass ich dich damit neidisch mache! Hatte schon kurz überlegt, das Bild nicht reinzustellen :D