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Monday, July 01, 2013

Another tour from west to east

         Größere Kartenansicht

Another weekend, another tour - this time: Turku - Helsinki, 2 days. I took the train on Saturday noon and arrived in Turku just two hours later. The tour starts...

Rantolansuntti - time seems to stand still

I was riding along the coastline, passing a few villages and meeting some Finnish people asking for the way. Couldn't help them at all, unfortunately. And I had more than my own problems finding the right streets leading me there where I needed to go. I got to Tammisaari pretty late, after 10 pm, which means: Those two hotels they had were already closed and checking in was no option anymore. Hotel staff??? Didn't see any!!! I made myself at home at a quiet beach outside the village. Goodbye warm and cozy bed, hello air mattress and sleeping bag.

Tammisaari pier at around midnight

After a while I realized I haven't been alone at all. Mosquitos all over the place. The insect repellent kept them on distance. But not some other friends - ants. Daaamn!!! They've been everywhere, even inside the sleeping bag, starting to bite, pee or what ever. That night was horrible ... and short. Back on the bike (6 am!!!) I followed the old kings road via Inkoo and Kirkkonummi and approached Helsinki on time, having a good rest then.

Tammisaari - the historic city centre with its wooden houses

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