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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ligament Rupture

By the way, I know that basketball is not the perfect sport for me. Plenty of doctors have told me that, again and again. But I cannot stop playing it. And in appreciation of this I am suffering from ligament rupture. My third time now, second time the right ankle. No sport for 6 weeks ... Damn it!!!


Rinkes said...

... dass du aber auch einfach nicht hören willst
naja immerhin darfst du morgen wieder auf arbeit :D

Andi said...

Hehe joar welch Freude. So richtig Spaß macht das nicht!!! Sag ich dir du!

Unknown said...

Oh dear,
There must be a solution you would enjoy, and your body feels good and other people are happy. You may have come up with a new idea by now, I hope :)


Andi said...

:) No new idea by now, I don't wanna disappoint you. I keep on playing this game. Trust me, I'm feeling absolutely fine with it and I would miss every single thing of it after quitting ;-)

Anonymous said...

I won't be disappointed, cause I knew you wouldn't give up ;)
So, focus on good side, be positive. Visualize that you are playing with perfect condition.

Your England pictures are cool :) I like it!


Andi said...

Hehe keep on checking ;) I have some more breathtaking pictures uploaded soon :)