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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thru 4 countries

Another highlight of the year was coming up. I had asked hundreds of people, but Rinkes was the only one who was willing to follow me up the hills. Good boy!!!

Day 1: Lindau – Bischofszell
We had to get up early this morning. But that doesn’t bother us – we had plenty of time in the train going down to Lindau. But to be honest, it wasn’t as good as I’ve expected. Too many people biking, walking, running, skating, … around the Bodensee. We had been too slow to reach the day’s final destination and got stuck in Bischofszell. But, however, we’ve been lucky again, finding a fancy hotel for just half the price – special offer for racing machine riders. Or in other words: We must have looked absolutely piteously. Stats: 82,04km; 257Hm

Day 2: Bischofszell – Feldkirch
That day was some kinda weird – in all respects. Let me summarize:
• Getting up at 6:30 a.m.
• Eating a well prepared brekky in a 4 star hotel in Swiss for 2 hours
• Riding the racing machine for almost 8 hours while crossing 3 mountains (145,80 km, 2183Hm)
• Approaching Feldkirch at 9:30 p.m.
• It was like pain in the ass :D

Day 3: Feldkirch – Lingenau
What a day!!! Perfect weather that couldn’t be any better. Our aim today: To cross the Furkajoch (1760 m) in Austria. We ended up lying on the summit, eating baguette and delicious Alp-cheese, drinking Almdudler. The rest of the day was easy, keep on rolling down the hill. Stats: 80,94km; 1511Hm; max ascent 17%

Day 4: Lingenau – Immenstadt
The final day in the Alps, and just one last mountain to climb - the Riedbergpass, 1420m above sea level. After thousands of hard pedal strokes we reached the summit, had a perfect and refreshing last "Almdudler" before speeding down the hill and finally chilling out at the Alpsee, near Immenstadt. Stats: 57,98km; 954Hm; max. ascent 16%

Overall stats after 4 days in 4 countries: 366,76km; 4905Hm


Tobi said...

17%? Nice guys, really nice.
But yesterday I owned a road with awesome 30%!

Tobi ;)

HarrySilvi said...

Toll, dass wir alle Englisch verstehen....ha,ha,ha. Aber die Bilder sagen alles.

sachi said...

Hi Andi. You seem to be having so much fun! I would like to cross the border by bicycle or at least on foot. I've lived in islands, Japan and Australia, so I always have to fly to go overseas...
You are lucky to have good company, live in a good place, and of course you are very fit :) Sachi

Andi said...

Hey come on, Aussie is not too bad!!! Am I right??? :D ... You know me, I am always lucky with those things ;-) But you are right, I have a good life and can't complain about anything ;-) And I enjoy it as much as I can ...