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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thousands of pedal strokes

A group of four started on 13 August 2009 to fulfil their destiny: Crossing the Alps from Italy back to Germany with nothing more than their bikes, backpacks and themselves: Stephan Rink aka Rinkes, Tobias Prüger aka Tobi, Christoph and Andreas Wagner aka Magic Ändie.

Day 1: Samedan - Dongo
After a perfect night in Lindau (Bodensee) just in sleeping bags we jumped on the train early this morning. Destination: Samedan – end of the train travelling and start of the Alp Crossing 2009. We climbed up Bernina (2330m) and had one of the greatest trails down to Poschiavo (riding down took us almost as long as going up from the other side) and further on to Tirano. Italy welcomed us kindly with some fireworks later on this evening.

Stats: 86,27 km; 629 metres in altitude; 5:19 h

Day 2: Dongo – Lodano
We just had to go from “Lago di Como” to “Lago Maggiore“. Sounds too easy!!! We figured out that the way up to the Passo San Jorio (2014m) must be much better. And it was – a perfect experience how hard life can be.

Stats: 94,89 km; 2046 metres in altitude; 7:01 h

Day 3: Lodano – All'Acqua

Passo del Naret (2438m) was called to be climbed on that day. And this tiny little thing is an Alp-challenge at its best. We started at a height of approx. 300m, passing the stunning Miggia valley. The street was getting smaller and smaller, winding up the mountain up to the very top. The overview was reward enough!!! It took us hours to go down again and to find a cosy place to stay for the night. Negative point: Day three had taken its toll - Cristoph had to give up. Sry man!!!

Stats: 64,63 km; 2414 metres in altitude; 6:55 h

Day 4: All'Acqua – Melchsee-Frutt

What a seriously insane part of the tour – passing three mountains on one day. I have nothing more to say, just read this: Passo della Novena (2478m), Grimselpass (2165m), Melchsee-Frutt (1920m). Ufff!!! Almost dead!

Stats: 98,45 km; 2953 metres in altitude; 7:37 h

Day 5: Day off
Not a single minute on the bikes that day. Relaxing, going fishing and sunbathing was exhausting enough!

Day 6: Melchsee-Frutt – Luzern

Nothing but sun on this day - again! We had taken Switzerlands longest single trail - very nice and always worth taking it. To the right: the mountain; to the left: the depth which you don't wanna explore how deep it really is.

Stats: 86,19 km; 973 metres in altitude; 5:57 h

Day 7: Luzern – Basel
One of the hottest days of the year and an unexpected mountain on our way to basel. But that couldn't stop us anymore. We reached Basel on time. An awesome tour!!! And everyone survived ;-)

Stats: 129,57 km; 820 metres in altitude; 6:49 h

Overall stats: 560 km; 9835 metres in altitude


Tobi said...

Just finished Day 1. Little bit longer, but just german ;)

Tobi said...

Ok, had to correct myselft. Your day 1 = my day 2 *g*

Andi said...

pics r uploaded ... finally :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Andi,
I really like the photo with white houses, could you send it to me?
I tried to copy it but couldn't. Thank you


Andi said...

Copying should work indeed, I reckon! But no worries, here it comes ;-)