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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year's starting hot!

Or even freezing cold - that might be the better expression. I spent a couple of days in the Alps again. This time: The Oetztal, near Innsbruck, with 3 of my colleagues. There was nothing special so far, the weather and the hotel were moderate, but, well, I love the Austrian food is terrific, including the unique "Almdudler". 2 of 3 days we spent on the Kühtaie alpine ski area, a region consisting of red and black pistes only!!! I mean it! Absolutely perfect!!! And the funny thing is: I know this area from going up and down again by mountainbike some years ago. So it was much easier this time ;-)

The few days passed by quickly so real live was striking back pretty soon. As usual!

A 180° overview on day 3!


Rinkes said...

alteeer kühtai oder was... ich raste aus... dat jibbet doch net. hehe

und sach ma sind das bilder von deiner neuen cam? wenn ja dann will ich die auch :D

Andi said...

War echt geil da oben, schönes un großes Skigebiet sach ich dir, das ganze ist eine riesige Piste, und nur rot oder noch besser ;-) Echt schick!!!

Joar, das sind Pix von der neuen Cam, Canon Power Shot SX200 IS. Macht ganz umgängliche Bilder, dieses Maschinchen... Ich schenk Dir eine zum Geburtstag haha!