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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What would you like to have for dinner?

It was Friday, right after work, late afternoon approximately. I had just left the site, looking forward to a relaxed weekend with no stress or anything else related to work. But what to do on a Friday evening in calm Brielle??? I had a brief chat with one of my colleagues, and he didn't know either. We were starving and thus, we've been very uncreative concerning making up our minds what to do. But that was it! Why not going somewhere for dinner? Antwerpen??? No sooner said than done. And it was worth it. This city is beautiful, tiny streets with a variety of restaurants and bars. The weekend cannot start any better :)


Anonymous said...

And you forgot the most important. What did you eat for dinner?

Andi said...

Ganz klar, schöne Mix-Grill-Platte im argentinischen Steakhouse. Es dauert zwar alles ne Weile hier, aber wenn mans dann bekommt, dann ists auch lecker :)