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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On the road

Brielle's harbour in the early hours.

I've just taken this picturesque sky on my way back from work. Nice one!


Anonymous said...

Both pictures are really really nice

the only thing I just have to "write" is: in 10 days....haha

greets from the everyday normal city Erlangen

Andi said...

I've just heard everyday normal guy :D ... have fun in down under, will be a great time, and don't forget your flag :D and I wanna see pictures, and a postcard :-P

Groetjes uit Brielle

sachi said...

Your pictures cheer me up. I might go to Holland ;)

Andi said...

So come to Holland then :) But maybe you "have to" anyway, as I told you ;-)

sachi said...

Ok I'm convinced. Seems Holland is a beautiful and interesting country.
I'll fly out from Amsterdam, if I can change the flight :D