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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sinterklaas en de zwarte Piet

Ok, the annual spectacle is over now. But nevertheless, I wanna post some sentences about the whole procedure. This happening has nothing to do with Christmas at all...

Sinterklaas looks almost the same as in Germany, wearing a red gown and having a big white beard. According to the history, the old man is approaching Holland by ship, leaving Spain in the middle of November. During that long journey he is considering the childrens presents, depending on their good or bad behaviour, and is writing everything down in his huge and precious book.

Of course, Sinterklaas needs a helping hand for getting the job done. The Zwarte Pieten, dressed in their remarkably colourful clothing, do whatever they can for support, finally bringing the presents to the children by crawling through the houses chimneys on 5th December. Funny story, and so different compared to Germay.

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