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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Summer Travelling

I've been kinda busy the last weeks - long time no post. This will be changed now... I had one day to pack all my stuff together, including a little detour via Erlangen, then hitting the road going north, cruising through Denmark and Sweden, appoaching Norway on the following day. Two relaxing weeks, two locations (island Atloy and Ulsteinvik) and a lot of relaxing time floating on the ocean, doing nothing, just chilling. This is how life's cool.

On the way back in Hamburg, I took the flight to Dublin, meeting Uwe and David after staying one night in the hostel in Dublin Downtown. Uwe was kinda speeding though the rain, hoping for better weather showing up after every turn :D But it didn't. We had fun anyway, climbed Europe's highest cliffs on Ireland's West Coast on day 2, enjoyed typical and traditional Irish breakfast or fresh and homemade served fish 'n' chips for dinner. The Giants Causeway at sunset wasn't missed at the third evening, before flying back to Frankfurt the following morning.

Getting started for the next highlight: Transalp 2011 - this time as a combination of two famours routes, i.e. 14 days and more intense. Rinkes, Tobi and I started in Oberstorf, passing Schroffenpass and spectecular Val d'Uina, riding though Vinschgau Valley and the Dolomites before approaching Lake Garda. The weather was more than excellent, the food delicious (Pizza, Spaghetti, Italian Ice Cream and fresh fruits, ähm wtf is bread??? :D) and the Italian language challenging. We had enough time for some sunbathing as well, reaching everyday's destination before sunset :) That will be different next time, promise.

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