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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

First stop: Dubai

The flight was leaving Nuremberg at a moderate time, 10 am. Having a little stopover in Zurich, the 10 hour journey was continued without any inconveniences. Chilling and snoozing, drinking white and red wine and watching some movies, no problems to survive those few hours before entering Dubai. A taxi was waking me to the hotel at Deira City Centre. Haven't thought it could be that silent in such a mega city at 2 am. It was even difficult to get some food...

View across Dubai Creek to the old Dubai city centre. Important spot for trading everything: spices, tires, all kinds of electrical devices, jewellery, ... To cross the river, hop on those wooden boats called Abra, it just costs 20 Cent, and either you are on your own or travelling with 20 others. Perfect chance for the feet to get some rest.

Burj Khalifa, the highest tower on earth, 828m above sea level!!! The tourist platform at a hight of 452m is simply amazing. The elevator is kinda speeding to the sky with 10m/s, and the head feels like it's gonna be explode. Well, a bit!!!

View from the platform. Sand everywhere, and between that, roads, cars, skyskrapers and a few people ...

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