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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holland sailing trip

I was never on such a big sailing boat before. Together with some colleagues I was heading to Holland once again, for a 3 day sailing boat trip. The first day, when leaving the harbour in Harlingen, can't be worse. Stormy weather, I was wearing all cloths I had with me. It was freezing cold, and no way out. The only thing that helps was to standy right next to the chimney, to get dry as soon as possible.

Bikes infront of church in Amsterdam, look at the front wheel

There was also a bit extra time to spend an evening in Amsterdam for Koninginnedag. The whole city was full of party and coloured in orange. Pretty cool to see. I also met some good old friends from Brielle. Good to see those guys again.

The partner boat, a little bit ahead of us

The weather was calming down a bit. Sometimes, I just found myself on deck, relaxing and falling asleep, with the sun in my face. Let the others do the work, I was taking a time out.

Sunset in habour of Makkum

Last night, we approached Makkum, and saw the sun setting this way. Nice finish, definitely.

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