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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Midsummer cycling through South-Finland

Midsummer - greatest event in Finland and everyone is looking forward to it since weeks, planning their trip to the summer cottage with the family or some friends. And why that? Having a good time, being drunk 5 times a day, the whole weekend, including Friday. Pretty strange, but that's all about it.

Vanajavesi in Hämeenlinna

I had some add ons planned. Taking the bike and leaving Helsinki (It seemed to be a dead city, empty highways and streets, everyone had left already!) on Friday early morning I was heading north. Weather conditions couldn't be any better - nicely hot! I was going as far as Tampere that day, finding a place to sleep  in the middle of nowhere, somewhere on a field close to Suomatka (point B). I set up my air mattress and sleeping bag, but those mosquito beasts have been quicker. I got myself covered completely and put on some insect repellent. That kept them on distance, but they still were so much annoying. I used the ear plugs and that gave me some sleep...

Summer cottage and barbecue at Kiesimenjärvi

On Saturday I was going to Mänttä (point C) before Torsten was picking me up by car. We reached Paajala within one hour, making ourselves at home at the barbecue, tried some fishing in the Kiesimenjärvi and had some beers, just following the (Finnish) midsummer tradition.

Sunsets are taking forever during midsummer days

On the way back we were stopping by in Tampere, for a one hour walk around through the city. Not much to offer, really not, I have to say. Kinda disappointing. At least, we were at home on time :D

Sitting in Näsinpuisto, Tampere


Anonymous said...

Das ist sie... Die hellblaue Jeans von G-Star! Zum wandern?? junge junge junge! ;)

gruß seb

Andi said...

Jo, ist schon echt tragisch. Aber die hats schon ganz schön zerledert, reicht gerade noch zum Schlumpern. In der Stadt kann man sich damit kaum noch sehen lassen :( Miese Krise

Antje said...

Loch im Schritt! :D

Andi said...

Jaaa hart erarbeitet! Das muss so sein!!!