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Monday, June 08, 2015

Just going somewhere else quickly

Split overview

While Antje had to work and thus, was not able to spend a long weekend abroad, I was packing my stuff and took a flight to Split. I joined a colleague who was organising the whole trip and everything. That made it quite easy and enjoyable for me. We spent a night in Split before renting a car and heading south, along the coast, had a stopover in Omis and followed the river Cetina. It offers spectacular views into georges and rough vertical cliffs. Some freeclimbers are trying to find their way up to the top.

Omis and its river

We crossed the border - Bosnia and Herzegovina. There was just one city to visit without going too deep into the country: Mostar. The centre still overwhelms withs its historic charm. Little stone houses and streets made of small round-shaped rocks. If you'd have some Euros left, hand it over to one of the guys on the bridge, the stari most. They will just jump for you, more than 10 metres down into the Neretva river.

Mostar's stari most

Last stop on our roadtrip: Dubrovnik. The city impresses with everything which is inside the city walls - it's like you've been thrown back a few hundred years. Stroll along the tiny narrow alleys and climb the big wall to get an overview how big the historic inner part really is. Lot's of restaurants and cafes are opening their doors to pause a while.

Dubrovnik, seen from the city wall

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