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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mittenwalder Klettersteig

Something else has been on the list for a long time. But it had never worked out so far. But now it did, together with a colleague and his son. We want to Mittenwald, and found perfect parking spot to enter the hiking track easily, right towards the Mittenwalder via ferrata.

Being fully packed with a backpack containing different stuff for almost all weather conditions was making it quite difficult for the way up. Small breaks were necessary. But we reached our first accommodation before dawn, the kitchen was still open, served dinner and cold beer.

The night hadn't been the best. We slept in a five bed dorm - or better said, 5 mattresses have been placed right next to each other. Myself in the middle, snoring to the left and right. Not so easy to sleep through the night.

The view out of the windows has changed dramatically compared to the evening before. Fog, grey in grey, clouds heavy with rain. Not so motivating to move on. Even the waitress didn't recommend to walk forward. Bad conditions would make it too difficult. We didn't listen, of course, and went on.

The track itself got smaller, steeper and more slippery. But still we made good progress and reached the Obere Karwendelspitze in time. The it started: Mittenwalder via ferrata. For a few kilometres, we've been right on top on the Karwendel, climbing up and down steps and stairs and following the track directly on the summit. As we've been surrounded by clouds, the view wasn't far, but therefore mystical and special.

We spent our second night in the Brunnsteinhütte. Finally, they offered and served Kaiserschmarrn - so delicious. As this cottage was fully booked, the night got even worse compared to the previous one. One room, bunk beds, 20 persons. What a night!

And finally perfect weather on the last morning. Time to enjoy and relax at the top, Brunnsteinspitze.

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