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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sankt Magdalena Alto Aldige

There came this time of a year, where the family gets together and hits the road, having a well-known destination: South Tyrol. The Nature Spa Resort is located in Santa Maddalena almost at the end of the Gsieser Valley.

First, you need to walk around and get yourself familiar with the rooms and all other features. That usually takes a while, but then, there is time at one's own disposal. Finally! Time to relax and discover the saunas, pools and other treatments.

Of course, a little bit of hiking was on the schedule as well. If you start in the valley, tracks always lead uphill first. Sucks a bit, but the lookouts will make up for this later. The Malga-Ascht-Alm is worth a visit, especially the personnel was more one of the extravagant persons, really worth a visit.

The autumnal ceremonial cattle drive from the mountain pastures into the valleys was fun to watch too. People dressed in traditional ways, and celebrated together the return of their cattle.

One last hike was leading us the the Messnerhütte. Nice place, easy to walk, more or less of small distance. And offers picturesque views.

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