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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Emergency in Tallinn & Rakvere

That's what happens when showing up at work on a Monday morning, hoping for a smooth day and week. The first meeting taught be differently. I went straight back home, packed my stuff and took the first flight the next morning.

Where to? A place I know well already. Tallinn first, and further on to Rakvere then. Emergency case, fixing a leakage at the Valve Cooling System at the Converter Station. Everything took a while, so I missed the wellness and sauna thing at the hotel. The only thing to do in Rakvere, gone! More luck next time.

On the way back, I had some additional hours in Tallinn, at least. Weather was nice, still not too crowded as it was in the middle of the week in April. A perfect chance to walk around a bit, checking on things if they were still the same compared to a few years ago. Always good to be back.

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