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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Rotterdam & Brielle - some work to do

Rotterdam has changed a lot. Modern and futuristic architecture, mostly in the city centre around and near the main train station, gives Rotterdam a complete appearance. 

Even though I have visited this city every now and then, there is always something new to discover. Besides the typical Dutch architecture with its brick-build houses with huge windows (and no curtains) and restaurants and shops, Chinatown and other Asian stores are just around the corner.

The dunes and beaches near Ouddorp. Always worth a visit.

The massive Rotterdam harbour streches for miles, more than 30 kilometres from the city to the North Sea. Quite impressive thing to catch a glimpse of the containerships.

And right in between the ports of transshipment and refineries, national preserves can be found.

Before going back home, there still was some time for a little expedition in Rotterdam again.

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