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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Game's over!

I reckon my last post deserves to be written in English. Why not, and at least one post has to be like this ... All righty! Finished! That's it! My time's up. I'll go home. I had a great, relaxing and chilling time over here, saw heaps of spectecular things, rugged coastlines and secluded beaches, as well as thousands of insects and bugs, venomous, dangerous and annoying animals - and the best thing about it is: I survided it all, and that was not as hard as Australia's reputation says.

With these pics I say good bye to this magnificent and fucking big country. But anyway, I'm pretty sure that I'll come back in the near future. Let's see how everything comes. But before I hop on the aircraft, I'll have a last quick surf in the Pacific Ocean :D Cya soon folks!


Anonymous said...

Guten Flug! =)

Anonymous said...

Also die Bilder sind echt beeindruckend. Gefallen mir super! Ich liebe solche schönen Nachtaufnahmen! Denkst du auch an all die Tierchen, die du mitbringen musst? Also den kleinen Zoo! =)

lg und bis bald!

Andi said...

Danke, is ja nich mehr sooo weit, Singapore is ja schon erreicht. Jetzt noch fix nach London un noch ein weiterer Fingerschnips un ich bin in Frankfurt

Boah jaaa Sydney war echt klasse. Was denkste wie genial das war im Harbour neben dem Opera House zu chilln, mit ner Sushi Rolle inner Hand ... Tiere sind alle dabei, von jeder Art zwei :D

Beste Grüße