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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fully packed weekend

Just to have at least one single post in April ... I'm gonna write some facts 'n' figures about what I did last week ... Hang on a sec :) ... Ok here it comes, finally!!! On Friday I had Basketball Training, sure what else??? I got up early on Saturday morning, to prepare the welcome back (from Tansania) n birthday breakfast 4 a great mate. What a surprise! Nice, isn't it??? :D Afterwards I hopped on the train to Munich, to see Chris and the good old Ilmtown connection. We strolled around the city and the Olympic Park - very cool. And last but not least, a perfect Basketball game with Jakob against some Munich Pros. We lost, but it was fun anyway :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Andi, how are you doing? I hope you write in English, so I can read :)
Sachi from Australia

Andi said...

Hey Sachi, I'm so fine thx. What about u over there, everything's ok? I hope so! I will continue my English writing I reckon ;-) Just 4 u!!! :)

I'm gonna write an Email 2 u soon ;) Byeee

Anonymous said...

That's very nice of you! Thank you Andi :) You might have other secret English readers ;)

Oh championship! Give it your all!!


Andi said...

U'll never know right??? :D ... I'm really looking forward 2 this Championship - and I'll post a brief summary next week ;)