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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Racing Cyclists!

I had 5 weeks off - 5 weeks out of the office, i.e. plenty of time to do whatever I like. So here it is:

Part 1 - cycling besides the Baltic Sea

Start was in Kiel, after meeting and having a brief chat with Tobi (about the upcoming Transalp only 3 weeks later). Day 1 with approx. 130km was excessively hard. The weather conditions remainded aweful during the hole week, peak temperatures hardly over 10 degrees, cloudy with showers from time to time. We were forced to leave the machines in the garage on Wednesday, pushing ourselves forward again on Thursday. Overnight, we got seriously ill (both of us at the same time, surprisingly) and we dragged us to Rostock without reaching the original destination: Rugia. What an unexpected ending!


Rinkes said...

its really no pleasure with such an ugly weather
but fortunately i stayed at home :)

Andi said...

unfortunately at the one hand, and yeah you made everything right, at the other hand. But just this time ... You'll be with us again next year, I promise :)