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Monday, September 23, 2013

Going far up north

Ramberg beach offers a bit caribbean feeling
Long time no post, work and stuff keeps me busy all time. A lot was happening, but I'll start with a little pre-story: Antje and I had a bit more than a week to travel around, thus a kinda schedule was needed. We took the flight to Rovaniemi first, rented a car and hit the road. And oh yeah, Rovaniemi, the place where Santa Clause is supposed to live. Not hidden in a tiny wooden house off the road somewhere in the forrest. No!!! Right next to the highway, 3 km from the airport (logistically perfect chosen). A lot of (chinese/japanese) tourists were on his traces as well. And found him, of course. The white-bearded man was awaiting each of them to have little chat and a family photo shoot. Strange fact: We've seen two Santas, but the one we were speaking to was obviously the right one :) Christmas is saved this year!

Lookout from Reinebringen summit towards Reine and Hamnoya
After an 1 hour touristic tour through Rovaniemi (that's pretty much sufficiant to see everything) we did some shopping and started once again, following the road west. Soon, the Finnish-Swedish border was reached and passed. We went as far as Kiruna that night before setting up the tent at a riverside. BBQ, keeps the mosquitos away, and off to sleep.

"Ferske reker" as dinner at the beach
If you go camping, you are supposed to wake up early. But we didn’t. And we still had a long way to go. We left Kiruna and a huge lake behind us, crossed the Swedish-Norwegian border easily and some more hundred kilometres, bridges and curves later, we arrived at our destination. Valberg, Lofoten. The cottage key was still hanging in the lock. We opened the door and found ourselves a well-equipped, but old-fashioned furnished house.

Grey clouds only in Eggum area 
The next days were just perfect. Sleeping long, late breakfasts, some hiking and walking tours, cruising on the ocean and catching some fresh fish for dinner. Delicious. And a relaxing time on top of it.

Laukvik lighthouse with the sun setting
The overall lookout from Reinebringen and the beautiful beaches around Ramberg and Flakstad are definitely a must see. Days passed by quickly, and we did the same on the way back, splitting the kilometres and tenting somewhere in the bushes before crossing the border to Sweden.

Antje getting the view for it
Our way led us through the endless forests in Lapland. And there, to come back to Santa Clause, we found his little helpers. Reindeers! But it seems they are a bit stubborn. They are not just crossing the streets; they are walking on them on purpose – looking left and right being even more interested in humans than vice versa. Pretty cool and a good finish for our trip.

Reindeers do like the finnish streets


Antje said...

..schön wars! Und tolle Bilder - fast so gut wie meine ;P

Andi said...

Boah, Vorsicht! Hast ja auch vom Meister gelernt. Ich hätte dir meine ganzen Tricks nicht verraten dürfen ...