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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Punkaharju, Savonlinna and Kupio

Trunk surrounded by cranberries

During summer time, it was, let’s say, crowded in apartment 72. A lot of friends were coming and thus, we discovered sight-seeing Finland.

Olavinlinna in Savonlinna

After a one day walk around in Helsinki, Angie, Tobi and me started on a rainy Monday morning towards Lappeenranta. A cozy little town with Finland’s oldest wooden church; but not so much more to explore.  After a little while more in the car, we reached our cottage in Punkaharju – an huge campground including attractions like waterparks, mini golf, canoeing, frisbee golf, table tennis, fishing, … Heaps to do. Oh yeah, and Sauna of course.

Tobi and me on top of the Puijon Tower

Next stage was the old Swedish castle Olavinlinna in Savonlinna, battle scenery between the Russians and Swedish, before Finland got independent in 1917. Beautiful, this castle, surrounded by water – the Kyrönsalmi.

Lookout from Puijon Tower

We went further north, as far as Kuopio, where we would stay the following two days. The three of us, in one hotel room, and I was the lucky one, winning the children bed which was as soft as jelly. But ok, I survived. The next day, we walked up the Puijon mountain, where ski jumpers are having fun in winter time, doing a boat ride on the Kallavesi and enjoyed a traditional finnish celebration (wooden sauna, an huge buffet including smoked salmon and a lumberjack show with live music). The next day, we were heading back towards Helsinki. On the way, near Leppävirta, the hiking track though the Orinoro gorge was the last highligt.

Path leading through the Orinoro gorge

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