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Monday, April 21, 2014

A little skiing trip is a must do!

Lookout from Steinplatte summit

Long time no see, so here we come again, back to old traditions. It’s been a while I’ve been in Waidring. Car’s rented, bed and breakfast is booked, Antje is picked up … off we go. Just three hours later, surrounded by the Alps, pacing down the slopes started. The weather was excellent, maybe a bit too warm for skiing already, but elsewise, perfect. Germknödel, Kaiserschmarn, Jagertee and Almdudler are simply delicious. Could have stayed for longer but yeah, see next post…

Some nice features to regain strength


Rinkes said...

Almrausch??? klingt interessant :)

Andi said...

Ist es auch! Aber noch laaange nicht so gut wie Jagertee :D