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Friday, April 25, 2014

New project, new country

View from the beach in Friedrichskoog-Spitze, just the freezing wind can't be captured on pictures!

I am now working at the North Sea. My apartment is part of Old MacDonald’s farm. No neighbours, no things to do (or see) – just farmland. That’s where little kids go spending their holidays. But yeah, enough of complains. I probably just need some time to get used to that remoteness. Luckily, Hamburg is pretty close. A city I would love if there wouldn’t be rain all day!!! :D

Hamburg City photographed from the Dockland Tower


Anonymous said...

Hang in buddy!!
How long will you be there again? Maybe we can make a meetup as Hamburg is definitely on my list of visits this year.

Andi said...

Hey jo Joe-Hännes, wird schon werden, alles nicht so schlimm wie es sicht vielleicht anhört! :) Ich bin wohl noch bis Juli hier, also gib Bescheid wenn es dich mal nach hier oben an die Küste verschlägt, dann ziehen wir ein bisschen durch die Stadt :) Wäre cool. Hauste rein Buddy!!!