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Friday, May 16, 2014

Strong winds all the way up north

I’ve got a free weekend with weather foreseen to be excellent which happens rarely up here. Yeah, more or less. Anyhow, after having a great terrace breakfast I hit the bike, followed little streets and cycling paths, crossing the North-Baltic-Sea-Channel, going through Büsum as far up as St. Peter Ording. 

Heavy clouds bringing not yet rain
I checked in to the beach hotel and finished the day off finding out I’ve got sunburned while eating delicious fish in the city centre’s restaurant.

Husum harbour front
Husum and inlet Nordstrand were my destinations on Sunday. Again hot hot hot and sun all day. I made another 120 km this day, with still having enough time for fish snacks and beach chlling. I went back by train in the evening.

People walking along the Wadden Sea somewhere on Nordstrand peninsula

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