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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another tick on the bucketlist

Along the Copenhagen harbour

After breakfast, I was walking down to the garage, grabbing the race biking, starting to dismount the front wheel and putting all together in the back of the car. I had an idea – a short visit to Copenhagen. Too bad buddy Giang wasn’t there for the weekend. I was leaving Itzehoe, passing Kiel and approached Heiligenhafen at around noon. I started not well prepared, had no maps with me, just an overall feeling where I need to go. Fehmarn was found easily, no problems, signs were leading me well enough. At the islands northern end I took the ferry to Denmark Røbyhavn. Before it was getting too late I started to look for a place to stay for the night and found a campsite in Guldborg. The 4 bed dorm was that tiny, you hardly could turn around. But for sleeping there one night only it was more than alright.

Boats roped up in the channels of Christianshavn

I started early the next morning, another 100 something kilometres to go to Copenhagen. It was nicely hot and extremely humid – perfect conditions though. I arrived in the afternoon and checked in the next youth hostel. The Danhostel was almost fully booked, I was advised to accept the five bed dorm. So I did. Then it was time for a short city centre visit. I didn’t get far – Brazils world championship eights final game was thrown on a laaarge screen in the harbour. I decided to stay a while. I wouldn’t have time to see the whole city anyway. The things I saw led me to the conclusion: Great city with so many things to offer. The channels drawn through the city, historical and cosy places inviting to have a closer look or just to  have a little coffee or snack… The next morning was coming to quick, and I had a long journey ahead – going all the way back to Germany – 190 km overall, and I made it before 7 pm the same day. Even with two times heavy rain which slowed me down and made me stop. I slept like dead and wished the night be a bit longer…

Bridge crossing the Storstrømmen on the way back to Fehmarn

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