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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kjeragbolten in Norway

It was time to go where I wanted to be ever since. I have booked a flight to Oslo and rented a car there to commence the 500 km journey. I slept in the car a few hours, yeah really not comfortable at all, and met my parents (they were there for their summer holidays) in Nomeland the next morning.

We climbed the Kjerag, together with a few dozen tourists from all over the world. The view from a 1000 m high cliff straight down was stunning – no rope or fence was limiting the access, you could get as close as you can handle. I would have stayed longer if there wouldn’t have been the hike back.

The next day was relaxed in a sense of floating on the ocean, doing nothing but fishing and eating fresh seafood afterwards, some beers served as well. I was heading back to the airport on Monday morning after a Norwegian breakfast with Sjokoladeboller and Gudbrandsdalsost/Fløtemysost.

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