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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Seeing new and old faces in Malaysia's KL for NYE

View from Juan's apartment

Petronas Tower
The only positve aspect about Turkish Airlines: the food! But no space to eat it. We hardly could walk, after that flight - elephant feet!!! And it just took us one day to reach our first destination, time difference excluded - Kuala Lumpur. Due to the busy Christmas holiday the ordered Proton Waja was fully booked - lucky as we were we got an upgrade: a 7 seater family van. Perfect to cruise through KL! The bigger the car is the easier it is to get used to driving on the left :D We managed and Juan was awaiting us with THE typical malay dish: Spaghetti Bolognese :) Yummy! Next day, hitting the road again. Mosque Shah Alam first (our volunteer guide loved to show us around, trying to missionize at the end), Pulau Ketam next (a chinese inhabited crab island, reached by almost drowning boats), an impressing firefly boat trip near Kuala Selangor and the night market in KL in Jalan Alor. Food all over the place, in all shapes and colours you can imagine, so hard to decide what to take, though. And the best: all 24/7! Thus, no matter what, if hungry, stop by there!!!

Pelican chasing fish in the KL bird park
Wednesday, 31st: We took it easy that day, visiting the KL bird park first. Located directly in the city centre, it residents a vary of birds getting as close as one is interested in. In the afternoon, we've been shopping at that time, the monsoon rain beat down hard. Streets were flooded. Taxis were short in availability and the drivers were making their own prices. We've been absolutely wet, after being in the rain for just 5 seconds. We waited for the rain to stop, preparing ourselves for the night out. We started with enjoing a stunning view from the Heli Lounge Bar on the Menara KH Builing, meeting some good old friends - Shai and Ammar. Together with 5 more friends we just have met, we had an excellent dinner - malay traditions (which I just couldn't handle later the night). After that, we headed to Nagaba, a roof top bar/club where we partied the night away. So cool, best location, great people, full success!!! Pretty hard to get outta bed the next morning (even the drunk swim in the pool when coming home didn't help that much) to climb the Petronas Towers :)
Building somewhere in Chinatown

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