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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter wellness in Aufham

 If the family ain’t home, rather doing some Spa & skiing things instead, I have no big reason to go home then. Thus, Antje and I did it alike. We booked a 4 star half pension wellness & spa hotel in Aufham, close to the Austrian border. We visited Bad Reichenhall first, did a little road trip through the mountains before joining the 4 course menu which took us 2 hours or so.

The next day started rainy, no sight of any sun! Perfect for a day trip to Salzburg; walking through the city and trying to figure out which the best Mozartkugel is. I think we’ve found it, certainly. That’s what I call hard work. Back at the hotel, we enjoyed the full package of spa: steam & Finnish sauna, massage and some kind of mud-oil-skin-treatment. Felt like reborn. And the dinner afterwards? More than excellent! I couldn’t move at all after the dessert and had to rest for a while!

Too bad those days simply fly by. They should last a little longer. Prinz hotel is definitely something to recommend…

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