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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Back to something familiar

I have spent much time there - Anttila Converter Station

There it was, next chance to travel to Finland. I joined a colleague whose sister was participating in a student’s exchange in Pallonmäki, close to Helsinki, but far enough outta the city to be depended on any public transport (which you don’t take too often because it just feels like forever). Meaning: we stayed in the centre, less than 100 metres walking distance to the harbour.

World Heritage wooden riverside storage buildings and old church in the backgound in Porvoo

The harbour - the place where we spent the Friday evening and this was leading me to an event I have missed during my entire 9 months stay 2 years ago – the old-timer and self-pimped vehicles gathering at the market place. Obviously, many cracks love to spend some time in garage to re-build, re-design and re-construct formerly used cars. So they show what they got every months’ first Friday.

Street names in Finnish and Swedish

The next morning we went to Palojoki. You can’t put down an invitation for breakfast on a sunny morning. Her guest parents welcomed us warmly, although never seen before. All other activities are well-known. Sightseeing in Helsinki, short trip to Porvoo with its world heritage the wooden storage houses and shopping some Finnish specialties – fish and liquor.

Helsinki harbour, the Viking Line has just landed, small ferry going to Suomenlinna

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