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Sunday, October 23, 2016

First class wellness action in South Tyrol

Way up Klausberg, near Kristallalm, snow guns already in service

As it has been Antje's present from her parents for graduating from university, I was the lucky one being invited as well. All five of us in one car (Multivan, so comfortable journey still) with North Italy as our destination. Arriving right on time (1 pm as earliest possible arrival time) opened all options for the first day - literally starving we started with having the welcome lunch before checking out the spa and wellness area (and having a little nap of course).

Family Milker photo shoot on the Klausee

Let me tell you something about that dinner. Because this one was just as delicious as stunning. At a point, I stopped counting the courses. The salad only should have been enough, then there was another starter as apetizer, a soup, the main course to pick out of three, a dessert and cheese after this.

View from the hiking track toward Breite Rast

Somehow I still must have looked hungry because I was asked if I wish to have another main course. I don't really why I have said yes, but I did. Which has been too much, by far! With the result of not being able to move anymore. And the worst part is, it has been the same the following evenings.

Leaving the Ahrntal, shortly before Prettau

When eathing that much, you have to do things in order to stay active. On Friday, we took the gondola to the Klausberg mountain station with a bunch of other people, walked around a bit until reaching the Klausee, before taking the icy hiking trail back to the station.

Friends on the way

Spa and wellness was offered to a great extent. Outside as well as inside pools, chillout areas, jacuzzis, fireplaces invited for a little rest. The best thing was the roof top sauna with a widespread view right over the valley. The farmer opposite might be lucky sometimes when using the binocular.

Crystal clear mountain water

When bikes are offered, they should be used. I did on Saturday. Fully wraped up in winter cloths I followed the Ahrtal until the regional street became a narrow hiking path. At 2000 m the temperature dropped below 5°C.

Almost at maximum height, Tauernalm

On my way back, I stayed at that altitude for quite some time. The view was amazing, the higher I looked, the more changed the colour from green to yellow-brown-ish and further to white. Since I didn't expect the tour to take 5 hours or so, I didn't take any food or drinks with me. Okay, almost no drinks. The only thing which kept me alife was my flask, filled with cranberry liquour.

On the mountain path near Waldner Alm

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