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Friday, April 28, 2017

Alberta, Edmonton and Rocky Mountains

You wanna go to Canada, they asked? We'd have there something for you, they said. Easy job! Yeah sure, why not, has been my answer.

What I didn't know - the entire preparation and process takes forever. Web based trainings, certificates, inductions, work permits ... After getting the visa thing done in Toronto I flew into Edmonton the next day.

And there it continued: alcohol and drug test, Canadian registration office to get a social insurance number, buying safety boots with a special Canadian label which doesn't mean they are different to those 3 pairs I already have...

Work was hard, 12 hours per, weekend included. Kinda exhausting and nothing else to say. But successful at the end.

And finally there was some time for the fun part. Not much, but better than nothing. And if being that close, I took the chance to get around. Jasper National Park.

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