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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Quick stopover in Toronto

It was 6 pm already when I arrived at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. As I have never been here, I needed some minutes to check where the nearest exit is. I looked around, and found an express train going to the Toronto city centre. Too bad I got my hotel booked on the other side of the airport, quite close though, but as I have to go around the entire area, it would take forever. I took some kind of airport taxi, way too expensive for the 20 minutes ride, but as a tourist, you are trapped in those cases. And here I was, in the middle of nowhere. Too far away from everything. Well okay, there was a Subway “restaurant” just around the corner, but I was too lazy and tired, even for that.

Didn’t know that jetlag could be a good thing. It made me wake up early, not able to fall back asleep. Which is good, in a way. I got my stuff packed, went down to the lobby and found an airport shuttle bus running every 20 minutes or so. A few moments later, back at the airport, I checked in my luggage and took the tranfer train towards downtown. I got off at Union Station, walked along the CN Tower, the Air Canada Centre (sadly, I missed the playoff game of the Raptors by only one day), the Harbourfront, the Old and the Toronto City Hall in direct comparison. After that, time was up, and I had to get back to the airport, the same way I was coming from. Not much time to discover a city, and probably not the best time of a day to do so as well...

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