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Friday, November 13, 2009

CVJM Erlangen

The new season 2008/2009 has started, the first games are over. To be honest, not satisfying from my point of view!!! Follow the ranking, results, timetalbe and stats here.


Rinkes said...

weiß gar nich was du hast... warst doch sogar ma mit 23 punkten topscorer... gut die freiwurfquote war nich so der renner :D

Andi said...

Ja neee aba hier, haste ma die Tabelle gesehen??? Noch sind wir letzter!!! Aber das bleibt nicht mehr lange so ... Bin ja auch bald wieder fit ;-)

Unknown said...

Which one is yours?

Andi said...

Hey Sachi

my team is called CVJM Erlangen II, not on the position u r expecting us 2 b, but we r working on this ;-) ... Boxout, hands up, rebound!!! :D

Unknown said...

Oh that sounds familiar, I saw it on your T-shirt.
Yes, you'll be there!
Keep up :)


Andi said...

Still on our way :)