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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Munich & its Beer Festival

It's weeks ago, but I've been to Munich one time, visiting some school and college mates. I arrived Friday night, getting a first impression in some student bars and cruising around by bike on Saturday! Tourist attractions en masse, and Jakob as tourist guide.

Colourful art in MuNicH CiTy!

That was kinda controversial: Surfers on so called "waves" of the Eisbach, somewhere in the city centre, Munich's English Garden. There wasn't only one, there were heaps of 'em, queueing to get their chance on the water ... How strange does it look for foreigners, seeing some guys stepping out of their doorway carrying a surf board. Close to insanity, I reckon! Nah, just kiddin'

And of course, I can't miss the Munich Beer Festival. I've seen so many unbelievable scenes there, you wouldn't see those things somewhere else. People in Dirndl dresses (I wouldn't wear that in my worst dream), beer everywhere -> almost dead bodies in every corner, food stands and thrill rides. Oh my god!!!

Evaluation: Bavaria is and remains a state you can't compare with an other one. It's a sorta unique.

Me in front of the Nymphenburg Palace.

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