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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Warming up in Florida

Christmas time in Germany always includes rainy weather and people rushing through the city to get the last presents. Time to take some days off and take a flight across the big pond.

Dawn and Tobi were awaiting us, they just didn’t order the perfect weather. Okay it was still warm, but the first four days have been stormy and quite rainy. So what to do in the Sunshine State?

Shopping tours here and there, food tastings every now and then and there even had been time to visit a Peter Lik’s photography exhibition (something I highly recommend to do if there’s some spare time).

On the schedule this time as well: NBA Game time – and John Wall really showed off and Miami hot their limits. Of course, in Florida, another air boat cruise through the Everglades was a must do. Alligators and iguanas have been so close, almost within reach.

Florida’s west coast was inspected as well. Naples (city of the beauties and the richs) and Fort Meyers have been the highlights before heading back. Fort Meyers offered a spectacular sunset, enjoyable in calm scenery – the city has been empty, the quiet before the spring break storm.

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