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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Starting Tour Monte Rosa

First day and late already. I left Eichberg quite on time, but it almost took forever passing Oberalppass and Furkapass. Too foggy and too many tourists with their campervans slowing down the traffic.

With a delay of about 3 hours I started in Stalden (860 m). The backpack was too heavy. But I had no idea what could be left in the car. When travelling alone you need a bit of everything. I followed the main street, through Saas-Grund and all the way up to the lake Mattmark. With 2200 m it was quite high already, but the heaviest part was just about to come.

From now on, I needed to push or carry the bike uphill. The track was getting rough and rocky, temperature dropping to less than 10 degree with the sun setting. I reached the Rifugio Oberto at almost 2900 m in total exhaustion, and with only one other guest.

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