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Monday, June 11, 2018

Lunch in Segovia

One day, I think it was short before weekend, we decided to have lunch somewhere else. I thought the colleague meant another restaurant. There are hundreds around the corner. But no, would have been to easy.

We took the car and went to Segovia, about 70 km away. There were quite many things to see and do, so it did not make any sense to schedule some more works for the afternoon. We preferred to  concentrated on the intercultural experiences that could be made.

Food was one of those things. Segovia is famous for their suckling pig. Every restaurant is serving this. Most of them for the tourists, because they read about it in their tourist guides. In our case, we were told about it by locals knowing tourists who came to Segovia for, guess what, the suckling pig. It's all going around in circles.

But indeed it was delicious. Too bad I was too full to try the octopus sold on the streets. Maybe next time!

Last thing and a must-do, a visit of the Alcázar de Segovia, a restored 12th century castle. Thrown back in time, it still offers picturesque views of the surrounding. 

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